Bangkok Massage

Bangkok MassageWelcome to, where you will find information about traditional Thai massage, the practice of massage in general, as well as the issue of prostitution in Thailand, related to massage since many Thai massage parlors also unofficially offer "other" services to their customers.

Massage means the manipulation of tissue–muscles, joints, skin, etc.–through the application of pressure on it, either manually or with the use of devices designed for this purpose. Its therapeutic effects have been clinically well-documented, and there is a great demand for different types of massage therapy all around the world.

There are numerous massage techniques in existence, some dating back thousands of years to ancient holistic healing traditions that are still favored by many people today over conventional Western medical methods. Due to their effectiveness, massage techniques have recently been used at sporting events, as well as offered by various businesses to their employees.

The ancient practice of massage has also often been related to the other ancient practice of prostitution, since professional massage parlors are excellent ways to combine massage services with sexual services, especially where legal obstacles exist for the open practice of prostitution. This is the case in Thailand, one of the most famous (or infamous) centers of prostitution on the globe. Of course, not all Thai massage parlors are brothels, and not all prostitution in Thailand is done through massage parlors, but there is a significant overlap.

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